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Getting to Know Gods Unchained, the Best Trading Card Game

Digital currencies are on the rise. You can gain control over the money that you have digitally. You record all digital currency transactions on a blockchain. The same goes for blockchain games. As of this writing, blockchain games are becoming popular. Though the idea is still relatively new for most gamers, there are games that are more noteworthy than others.

When you prefer to play trading card games, you have found the perfect game on the blockchain through Gods Unchained. After all the development the game was through in 2018, it finally launched during the first quarter of this year. The game uses the Ethereum blockchain explicitly, giving players the freedom to trade and sell their cards. Speaking of ownership, real trading cards work just like Gods Unchained trading cards.

If you own a laptop or desktop computer running on MacOS or Windows, you can play Gods Unchained easily. More upgrades are required if you want to play the game on your mobile device, VR, or tablet, which are expected in the coming years. You have to build your deck to start playing the game. Make sure to purchase packs of cards for you to build your deck. As a player, you can access unique cards from the pack of cards you buy. These rare cards are for every player to get a chance to obtain.

Hundreds of artists from around the world are responsible for the graphics of Gods Unchained. The game has sold over one million cards worldwide. When it comes to the design of these cards, there are 550 to choose. Expect to more designs to be introduced in the future. While you need to download the app to play the game itself, you just have to go to the browser to avail your cards.

If you buy a pack of Gods Unchained cards, you will get give cards to be exact with their uniquely encrypted ERC721 token equivalent from Ethereum. The storage for all of these cards is from the Ethereum blockchain. You may use this chain if you are buying new cards or if you are thinking of transferring your current cards.

You play the game one on one with another player or computer. To win the game, you have to use your cards to reduce to zero the life of your opponent. From your deck of cards, determine a God that you can use to begin the game. You need to form a deck made of thirty cards. You take turns with the other player to play the game. You require a drawing card and a mana card in order to play the game. You can find your cards to be weapons, spells, special Gods, or creatures. In each turn, you can use God Power. Moreover, for each game, you can only use Ultimates once.

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